Fans Think These Photographs Are Proof Keanu Reeves Is The Most Respectful Man In Hollywood

by : Julia Banim on : 11 Jun 2019 07:43
Fans Think These Photographs Are Proof Keanu Reeves Is The Most Respectful Man In Hollywood hands off pic incelFans Think These Photographs Are Proof Keanu Reeves Is The Most Respectful Man In Hollywood hands off pic inceldollyparton/Instagram/Taran Tactical Innovations/YouTube

We are living in the golden age of Keanu Reeves, with The Matrix actor enjoying somewhat of a movie renaissance.


The 54-year-old’s self-aware appearance in Always Be My Maybe – where he played an exaggerated version of himself with theatrical gusto – had me in absolute stitches.

Meanwhile, his performance in the John Wick franchise is quickly becoming one of the most iconic in action movie history.

stills from john wick 3 featuring keanu reevesstills from john wick 3 featuring keanu reevesLionsgate

Basically, we all love Keanu, and not just because of his extensive body of work or ability to always convince audiences that he can save the world.


Fans also admire the way he interacts with others, apparently going out of his way to make them feel comfortable and respected.

People have picked up on the way Keanu poses with women for photographs, and have liked the way he gives them plenty of space.

Many actors wouldn’t think twice about putting their hands around the waist of a woman they don’t know that well, but Keanu takes a much more considerate approach.

Keanu’s way of posing with women went viral after an eagle-eyed Twitter user posted a handful of pics showing Keanu keeping his hands to himself.

These photos, which have been shared nearly 400,000 times, have since led to Keanu being hailed as a ‘respectful king’ and a ‘good man’.

One person tweeted:

He’s respectful. This should be how it’s done unless ya know the woman doesn’t mind being touched. Keanu should inspire us all.


Another said:

I’ve seen a couple people comment “its sad it has to be like this”, what’s actually sad is the obsession we have with touching women at any given moment. He’s just being respectful of others bodies *what a concept*.

Others have made reference to ‘hover hands’ or ‘manner hands’, which is known to be a mark of respect and good manners in Korea.

According to an article in Kotaku:

Western celebs have been known to pull a hover hand or two, but in South Korea, it’s viewed differently.

In the West, people are generally mocked online for doing awkward hover hands, but the Korean press seems to applaud the “manner hand” as it’s seen as respectful. Women, it seems, appreciate the “nice guy” gesture, while men probably don’t give it much thought.

Keanu has Chinese heritage, and identifies as an Asian American. It’s likely he might have been influenced by this respectful practice.

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