Fans Want Deadpool To Take Over Stan Lee’s Marvel Cameos

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Whenever a new Marvel film is released, I look forward to spotting Stan Lee’s cameo which, for me, is always a highlight of the movie.

Since he first appeared as a juror in the 1989 made for TV movie The Trial of The Incredible Hulk, the legendary comic book writer has made a total of 57 cameos so far in the Marvel universe.

Making appearances in all of the live-action films, Lee has also popped up in Marvel television series, video games, in animated form and even surprised everyone by appearing in the DC film Teen Titans Go, earlier this year.

Here he is about to give Thor a haircut in Thor: Ragnarok:

stan lee thor ragnarokDisney

Following the news of Lee’s death at the age of 95 on Monday (November 12), fans have been expressing their sadness how after Avengers 4 – which Lee had already filmed for – his cameos will be no more.

Many have also been questioning whether someone else could continue Lee’s legacy of cameos in the world of Marvel.

Of course Lee can never, ever be replaced, but some fans are calling for the ‘Merc with the Mouth’ himself, Deadpool, to carry them on.

Sharing a screenshot from an old Reddit post which sits on top of a photo of Lee next to Deadpool, user ‘metalbowser23’ wrote: ‘I’m for it’ in support of the original post which reads:

when Stan Lee leaves us all, Deadpool should do cameos in all Marvel movies in place of him.

If I’m being honest, I think this is a terrible idea. No one should ever continue Lee’s legacy of regular cameos.

However, the post has gone viral receiving over 49,000 upvotes at time of writing (November 15). Having only been up for 12 hours, this number is likely to grow and grow.

The post received a mixed reaction from people in the comments section, some supporting the idea while others were not fans.

A user named ‘LTMG’ was all for it commenting:

It’s not about replacing him. It’s not that they need a cameo. It’s his creation doing exactly what fits it, and doing it as a tribute to him.

There aren’t many ways to continue that legacy and acknowledging it within the actual movie, without blatantly saying his name or anything.

Deadpool acting his cameo would be the perfect blend between breaking the fourth wall, nice thing to look forward too in ever movie, actual movie plot, and, most importantly, paying tribute to Stan. I think it’s a great idea.

‘MemeJuiceCo’ was unsure what to think writing:

I both do and don’t want that because A. It’d be a good way to carry on his legacy of cameos but B. No one could ever replace the real Stan. [sic]

Another user actually suggested another Marvel creation should do it instead of Deadpool:

I love Deadpool, and Ryan Reynolds, but I feel Stan never really had as big a love for DP as the audience does. [sic]

Spiderman was his baby, so if anyone should do cameos in his place, it should be his most beloved creation.

EasyBleezy agreed with me writing:

No… I love Deadpool but no one should take Lee’s place come on guys enough!

Not only is this quite frankly a terrible idea, but Deadpool wasn’t even one of Lee’s many, many creations!

What do you think? Should a character continue Lee’s cameo legacy?

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