Film Dubbed ‘The Polish Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Is The Top Film On Netflix

by : Emily Brown on : 18 Jun 2020 17:33
Film Dubbed 'The Polish Fifty Shades Of Grey' Is The Top Film On NetflixEkipa

Step aside Mr. Grey because there’s a new controlling man in town – and on Netflix – and he goes by the name of Massimo. 

You might have seen a few references to Netflix’s new film 365 Days across Twitter and TikTok, but for the most part the steamy romantic drama seems to have come out of the blue and quietly worked its way into homes across the UK and the US.


The movie now sits at the top spot on Netflix’s most-watched list, beating out other new, highly-anticipated arrivals such as Harlan Coben’s The Woods and Spike Lee’s ground-breaking Da 5 Bloods.

Check out the trailer here:

Having been dubbed ‘the Polish Fifty Shades of Grey‘, it’s not all that surprising the new film is doing so well – the story of Christian Grey and his love of dominance went down a treat with fans, after all. However, what is surprising is that so many people continue to watch the film despite its entirely underwhelming reviews.


365 Days has received an audience score of just 30% on Rotten Tomatoes, with critics describing it as ‘thoroughly terrible’ and downright ‘trash’.

Still, the film has held on to the top spot for more than a day, so it seems that curiosity and the desire to see some steamy action is getting the better of a lot of people.


The film tells the story of Laura (Anna Maria Sieklucka), an ordinary young woman who gets kidnapped by mafia boss Massimo (Michele Morrone). Massimo is obsessed with Laura, and gives her one year – hence the title – to fall in love with him.

If she manages to resist his determined attempts to win her over, she’s free to go. In the meantime, however, she’s trapped, and the pair end up passing the time with a lot of sex.

The film has caused controversy for romanticising a toxic relationship, with some likening the film to porn, though some viewers have forgiven the film’s problems because it allowed them to enjoy the good-looking cast members.


Cinematographer Bartek Cierlica compared 365 Days to ‘a modern interpretation of Beauty and the Beast‘ during an interview with Variety, and described how the relationship evolves after starting ‘with fear of the unknown and temptation’ and ‘pure sex with BDSM’.

The film probably isn’t one to watch if you’re isolating with your parents, but bad reviews or not it’s obviously Netflix’s number one for a reason.

364 Days is available to stream in the UK and US on Netflix now. 

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