First ‘Confirmed’ Survival Of The Fittest Contestant Has A Very Famous Father

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I don’t know about you but ever since Love Island came to an end last year I have been lost for what to do with my life.


At 9pm each evening I have found myself staring at the television wondering what other reality show could possibly be capable of filling the Love Island-shaped hole in my heart.

Well, thankfully, ITV2 is here to save the day with their newest show from the makers of Love Island, Survival of the Fittest and it promises to be just as addictive.

You can watch the trailer for the programme here:

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Taking on a slightly different format, the female contestants will be pitted against the men in what ITV bosses are describing as being the ‘ultimate battle of the sexes’ which involves both mental and physical challenges.

Throughout the series the singletons will also be presented with the opportunity to date a member of the opposite team but at the expense of their own sex’s chances in the contest.

Viewers will then be able to vote off their least favourite contestants until either the men or women are crowned the winners.


Anticipation for the show is high and we can’t wait to see who will be taking part, with the first contestant just confirmed earlier today.

22-year-old actress Dani Dyer will be sent out to the South African Savannah to take on the men in the battle.

And if you haven’t already made the connection, Dani’s dad is indeed EastEnders star Danny Dyer!


Dani, who works in a pub in between acting gigs, is the oldest of soap star Danny’s three daughters and is no stranger to the screen.

The Essex actress has secured roles in the films Bonded By Blood 2 and We Still Kill The Old Way but hopes that the reality programme will give her career a boost.

Her dad also agrees as a source told The Sun:

Danny reckons he has the power to get Dani in as a permanent star on EastEnders.

He has been putting the odd word in with the producers and has even brought her down to the set once or twice.

Dani has the potential to be a big star and her dad is hugely supportive of her. Given how popular he is on the show she is in a great position, too.

Survival Of The Fittest starts on Sunday February 11 at 9pm on ITV2.

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