‘First Dates’ Sparks Fierce Debate Over Whether Women Should Split Bill


To split the bill or not to split the bill? That is the question.

As if the whole concept of dating wasn’t awkward enough, it gets weirder during that dreaded moment when the waiter comes to your table and drops off the cheque. In the past, it was the norm for the man to pay, but considering it’s 2016 and gender roles have radically changed, do the same rules still apply?

Thanks to First Dates, Twitter was embroiled in a fierce debate over the issue last night.

This is how it all went down…

Mary and Brian were paired up together on Channel Four’s dating show.


Things were going pretty well, that is, until the bill came – £70.37.


Cue the waitress: “Are you just doing half and half?”

Brian: “Yep.”



Mary continued to be ‘absolutely fuming’ after the date, stating that she had never been on a date where she had to pay half the bill. There’s always a first time for everything, Mary.

Like always, there were mixed opinions about who should pay the bill:

But when ITV’s This Morning tweeted out the debate, it seems like the majority of people think it’s ‘old fashioned’ for a man to pay the entire bill.

What do you think?