First Look At Game Of Thrones Finale Could Spell Bad News For Cersei


Warning: Spoiler alert!


We’re almost there, the finale of Game of Thrones is almost upon us, and to whet our appetites even more so, HBO have released some images of the final episode.

They show the inevitable meeting of some of Westeros’ biggest characters, and pretty much nobody looks happy.

But a particularly interesting choice of snapshot is the image of Cersei holding her hands over her stomach.


We already know that Cersei is pregnant, but this time it’s different.

When she announced the good news to father Jaime a couple of episodes ago, she told him she didn’t intend to hide his true lineage.

Obviously this would be bad news for Jaime, who probably has a vested interest in keeping the rumours of his incestuous relationship with his sister as merely rumblings.

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In the image, Cersei is not looking best pleased at whoever she is talking to, with both hands held over her stomach – could it be said person is threatening her and her unborn child?

We already know the prophecy Cersei will be killed by her younger brother, and some have theorised this baby could be the catalyst to making that happen.

There’s a couple of ways this could unfold – with Jaime literally strangling her for whatever unknown reason (most likely the fact she’s a murderous sadist).


But it feels a bit unlike Jaime to kill his sister, especially if his unborn child is still inside her.

What feels more likely – and what these images point to – is the fact there might be a problem with the pregnancy which could kill Cersei.

This would fulfil the prophecy, in a roundabout way, and would provide a suitably horrific death for one of Westeros’ most evil rulers.


Other images include Jon Snow and Tyrion meeting with the Queen of King’s Landing.

Bronn and Jaime are also present and neither of them are looking best pleased with what’s going down.

It’s safe to assume things won’t go to plan for Jon – it’s hard to imagine a scenario where Cersei will agree to fight with them.


Bran is also still kicking it by the fire up at Winterfell, but I’d bet my bottom dollar the season ends with a shock revelation from Bran about the progress of the White Walkers.

You’ve also got Theon looking sorry for himself as usual, so we can probably expect some sort of reunion with himself and Euron – expect waterworks from Westeros’ biggest coward.

Either way, the images aren’t giving an awful lot away, but they’re certainly getting us hyped for the final of Season 7.


Only time will tell but we absolutely can’t wait for The Dragon And The Wolf on Monday!