First Look At Terrifying Scene From Stephen King’s It

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A lot of people have a phobia of clowns – with very good reason, if Stephen King’s ‘It’ is anything to go by…

The Andrés Muschietti remake looks set to be arguably even more terrifying than the original though (if that’s possible).

To add to the impending horror, Empire have now released an image from the remake, of what is potentially one of the creepiest scenes known in the film industry.

From the newest edition of Empire Magazine!Hiya Georgie!🤡🎈🐢🎪🌌⛵️🚲🃏

Posted by Stephen King's It 2017 on Monday, 20 March 2017

It’s a flashback to the seriously disturbing scene where Pennywise appears in a drain and chats to young Georgie and let’s just say it’s more than enough to send chills down your spine.

The horrifying scene – which if it hasn’t already seeped into your childhood nightmares, will now – is haunting enough to stay with you for life.

Even more so when eerie Pennywise utters: “They float, they all float… and when you’re down here with me, you’ll float too.”

The original was released in 1990 and has continued to scare both children and adults alike for the last 26 years.

Check out the original trailer here:

Just nope. You can absolutely count me out.

The petrifying reboot will be released on September 8th, but be warned, it looks certain to seriously mess with your head…