First Luther Trailer Shows John Getting Brutally Tortured


The first trailer for the new series of Luther has arrived and it shows DCI John Luther getting tortured in quite a brutal way.

It’s been a while since Idris Elba graced our screens as the notorious detective, but the wait for his return is almost over.

Elba confirmed earlier this year that series five is coming in 2019, almost three years since the last series. And what a wait it’s been.

But it’s nearly over folks, and the BBC have teased us even more by releasing a first-look trailer for the series.

And they’re not holding back. In the two minute clip, we see Elba tied to a chair, struggling to come to terms with his surroundings as a bag is removed from his head.

The trailer was posted to Luther’s official Facebook page earlier today (November 9) and was captioned:

Get ready for brand-new Luther, coming soon to BBC One. In the meantime, you can watch every episode of Luther so far on BBC iPlayer.

Luther new seriesBBC

Once John realises what’s happening, he speaks directly to his abductor, asking ‘what is all this b*llocks?’

The man, gangster George Cornelius (played by Patrick Malahide), simply replies ‘where is he?’ to which John asks ‘where’s who?’

Unimpressed with his answer, the organised crime boss tasers John quite brutally, causing his body to tremor and screams of pain to erupt from his body.

It becomes apparent that the ‘he’ George is looking for is his son Alistair, who has apparently been kidnapped.


When the gangster still isn’t getting the answers he wants, he points a loaded gun to the detective’s head and repeats his questioning.

To cut a long story short, Luther being Luther somehow manages to escape his binds and jumps out of his chair, getting the upper hand and stealing the gun from George.

This is the biggest clue we’ve had so far about what to expect from the series, although Elba did hint at what would be coming earlier this year.

Speaking to Radio Times, he said:

It’s classic Luther. We’re not reinventing the wheel. There is a lot of excitement about the characters that are in this one.

luther new seriesBBC

Like the return of enigmatic killer Alice, played by Ruth Wilson, perhaps? Or sidekick DS Emma Lane, played by Game of Thrones‘ Rose Leslie?

He continued:

We’ll have to wait and see! There’s no point trying to make something unfamiliar.

Is anyone else way too impatient to see Elba on our screens again? Or is that just me?

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