First Terrifying Trailer For The Empty Man Just Dropped

by : Emily Brown on : 16 Oct 2020 15:30
First Terrifying Trailer For The Empty Man Just DroppedFirst Terrifying Trailer For The Empty Man Just Dropped20th Century Studios

20th Century Studios has dropped its first trailer for The Empty Man, a horror film that promises to be full of chilling tension and horrifying surprises. 

Based on the graphic novel written by Cullen Bunn in 2014, The Empty Man stars James Badge Dale, Samantha Logan, Stephen Root, Joel Courtney, Marin Ireland and Aaron Poole.


It tells the story of an ex-police officer (Dale) who witnessed the violent deaths of his wife and son, and who sets off on the trail of a missing girl after she disappears from a small Midwestern town.

Check out the chilling trailer below:

More teens go missing from the town and locals believe it is the work of an urban legend known as the Empty Man. While on his investigation, the retired officer discovers a secretive group and their attempts to summon the creepy being into existence.


The trailer shows one young girl explaining the premise of the Empty Man to her friends, telling them that if you’re on a bridge and you find a bottle, you have to ‘blow into it and think about the Empty Man’.

After the summoning attempts have been made, the supernatural being comes to those who call him. On the first night you hear him, on the second night you see him, and on the third night he finds you.

The Empty ManThe Empty Man20th Century Studios

One of the film’s characters questions whether the girl telling the story is serious, but it soon becomes apparent that the Empty Man is much more than a myth.


Sharing the trailer online, 20th Century Studios wrote:

In 1 week, The #EmptyMan is coming for you.

The police officer soon learns that his life and the lives of those close to him are in grave danger, and the trailer teases both intense action and classic jump scares as the Empty Man unleashes his wrath.

David Prior brought the film to life by taking on the roles of script writer and director, with Boom! Studios producing. The Empty Man has been in the works for some time, having initially been announced in 2016 before starting production approximately two years ago.

The Empty ManThe Empty Man20th Century Studios

Horror fans were originally set to welcome the film in August 2020, but its release was delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The thriller will now arrive in cinemas on October 23, which may be a more fitting release as it will allow viewers to experience The Empty Man for the first time on the run up to Halloween.

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