First Trailer For Blue Planet II Is Absolutely Breathtaking


First you saw Blue Planet I. Now get ready for, naturally, Blue Planet II!

That’s right folks. You wanted it, the BBC are giving you it.

In what is set to be the unmissable television event of the year, the nature documentary series will continue to explore life underseas following on from the 2001 original.

Narrator David Attenborough has promised that with the help of new technology viewers can ‘voyage further and deeper than ever before.’

As ever, Hans Zimmer will provide the soundtrack to the gargantuan project.

Sit back and enjoy the glorious trailer:

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Yep, that’s Radiohead you’re hearing. Thom Yorke and turtles? Count me in mate.

Attenborough recently spoke to The Guardian about his feelings toward the natural world amidst climate change and environmental issues.

He said:

Overall, without any question, the world is not going to be as varied and as rich as it was a hundred years ago.

It’s within our power, because most of he problems are created by us, and we can solve them or should be able to solve them.

There are solutions, and there is cause for hope, and there’s cause for encouragement, and it isn’t all disasters.

We sure hope so, Dave. Bring on Blue Planet II, and hopefully Blue Planet II