30st Jeremy Kyle Guest Says Show Helped With Life-Saving Weight Loss Transformation

by : Julia Banim on : 18 May 2019 15:22
Jeremy Kyle transformation.Jeremy Kyle transformation.ITV

A dad-of-one who lost seven stone says his appearance on The Jeremy Kyle Show helped him with his incredible weight loss.


Jonathan Kingston, from Dolton, Devon, appeared on the now-cancelled talk show in 2017 when he was at his lowest ebb, suffering from anxiety, depression and an addiction to junk food.

Weighing 30 stone, Jonathan was unable to work and binged daily on unhealthy takeouts. His mum Sue begged him to appear on the show for the sake of his own well-being, and he apparently hasn’t looked back.

Following its cancellation, Jonathan has spoken up in defence of The Jeremy Kyle Show, saying the show gave him a ‘second chance’.


As reported by The Sun, Jonathan said:

My son was just three when I went on the show. I was at my lowest point, rock bottom.

I was living with my parents, and didn’t have a job. I tried everything – every diet known to man, going to the doctors and even considered surgery, but nothing worked until Jeremy sent me to bootcamp.

Following the show’s cancellation, past guests have come forward to criticise the care they received before and after their appearance. However, Jonathan feels he was made aware of what was in store from the beginning.

Man loses seven stone after appearing on Jeremy Kyle.Man loses seven stone after appearing on Jeremy Kyle.The Manor/YouTube

Jonathan continued:

Before I went on the show they spoke to me for weeks. They told me Jeremy was going to be straight with me, and tell me how it is, and that’s what I needed. Jeremy was straight with me – I didn’t need mollycoddling – he was straight to the point.

I’d rather that than someone beat around the bush. I was shocked to hear the truth but I had to hear it. People now won’t have the chance to have that experience. After the show I would get a text once a month asking me how I was getting on.

Following his appearance on the show, Jonathan was motivated to make a serious change to his diet and exercise regime.

Jeremy sent him off to a 12-week military style bootcamp, where he was able to show just how committed he was. Since then, Jonathan has remained determined to maintain his healthy new lifestyle, and has experienced profound changes.


According to The Sun, Jonathan said:

Jeremy Kyle and the show gave me a second chance. When I went back on the show after bootcamp it was like he was proud to have helped me.

My weight had always been an issue but it’s totally changed now. I can play football with my son, and do martial arts with him, and I now work full time as a supermarket checkout assistant.

I would just say thank you to Jeremy Kyle and I wish he was still going. I have 100 per cent respect for him. Certain people need a show like Jeremy Kyle – he was a lifeline for some people, he was willing to listen to you.

He is blunt but honest – if you can’t face that, then don’t apply to go on it. I had a very good experience on the show. My life is so much better now.

Man loses seven stone after appearing on Jeremy Kyle.Man loses seven stone after appearing on Jeremy Kyle.The Manor/YouTube

Well done to Jonathan for turning his life around!

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