Four People Are Getting Dumped From The Love Island Villa Tonight

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The rollercoaster of drama just keeps on going, and after two separate villas became one on Love Island recently, the show is about to have a big clear out of contestants. 

When 12 new islanders joined the Majorcan villas a few days ago, there was barely enough screen time to cover everyone’s well-pampered faces – especially after having to drop a few scenes to make the show fit around the England game on Tuesday.

When the two villas became one and 10 of the newbies were chosen to stick around, ITV2 had to decide which of the island romances were most interesting to the viewers. Even then, they decided to focus mainly on the new Alex’s side-eye looks as he weighed up Megan and her game.

Tonight however, the cast will drop by four as viewers’ voting will see the two least popular couples sent home.

Ellie – old Ellie, not Jack’s ex Ellie – gets a text on the show, which is always cause for worry.

She reads:

Can all Islanders gather around the fire pit immediately

Once the contestants are gathered, Josh – of I-can’t-believe-you-chose-Kaz-and-broke-Georgia’s-heart fame – gets a text which he reads aloud to his fellow islanders.

The text says:

Islanders the public have been voting for their favourite couple. Those with the fewest votes risk being dumped from the Island tonight.

As Georgia and Wes are single, they are not included in this vote.

Who’s betting the general public will support Georgia in her sassy confidence and destroy Josh’s chance to get to know Kaz more by dumping them from the island? I am!

The episode also promises a development in the Megan-Wes-Alex love triangle, with Wes whisking Megan off to try and win her over – again.

In telling him she still fancies him, Megan has fanned the fire of hope in Wes’ heart.

Alex pulls Wes off for a legendary Love Island ‘chat’ to pour out his heart.

Alex says:

I know you took her out today. I wanted you to be a man, tell me you were going to take her out. Just tell me and I’ll be fine with it.

To which Wes replies:

My decision was based on who I like. In terms of who I wanted to be with in this place and who I thought would be most compatible for me, it would be Darylle and Megan so I chose them two.

I spoke to Megan, she still fancies me. I put my neck on the line for Megan. In here you have to be quite selfish in terms of who you like.

Alex tries to hold his own, saying:

Do you think your connection with Megan is better than what me and Meg have got?

Wes responds:

I think it could have been. And she says the same

After passing up on all the new girls in the hope that Megan would stay loyal to him, I think Wes is right to fight his corner. He might have lost all other chances at winning otherwise.

All seems quite dramatic if you ask me. Of course, that’s entirely what Love Island is based on, so that’s a good thing. I’m intrigued to see who will win in the battle for Megan.

Love Island will be on ITV2 tonight from 9pm.

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