Friends Fans Spot Something That Could Change Everything


Fans of the hit comedy Friends have noticed something bizarre about the show that could potentially turn the whole franchise on its head.

The pop culture wizards over at Digital Spy noticed something very strange in a certain episode of the Nineties classic and came up with the strange theory that Joey Tribbiani may be a real person.

Sounds mad right? Well strap in because we’re about to go down the fan theory rabbit hole and get to the bottom of this weird new conspiracy and it all starts with our favourite on-screen android, Brent Spiner.

You see Brent appears in a Season Ten episode as a Gucci bigwig sent to interview Rachel about a job, simple enough right? Well things take a turn when Brent appears again in the Friends spin-off Joey as himself.

So how can Brent exist as both a Gucci executive and as Star Treks’ Brent Spiner? Well the answer’s obvious it’s because the Joey spin-off is actually real life while the Friends-verse is in fact a fiction where Joey plays himself.

That meas that Joey played the role of Joey Tribbiani in Friends and just so happens to be a real actor called Joey in the show Joey.


Well our advice is don’t worry about it. It’s a nice theory that’d explain why the Friends world is so weird but it’d kind of ruin that perfect ending.