Game Of Thrones Actor Says Grey Worm And Missandei Alive In Multiverse

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 09 May 2019 19:04

Warning: Contains Spoilers

game of thrones' Grey Worm actor says Missandei is alive in 'multiverse'game of thrones' Grey Worm actor says Missandei is alive in 'multiverse'HBO

With just two episodes left to go before the end of Game of Thrones as we know it, tensions are high, especially when it comes to which characters will make it to the end.

One character we can safely say doesn’t make it to the end is Missandei, played by Nathalie Emmanuel, who sadly had her head well and truly removed from the rest of her body by Gregor ‘The Mountain’ Clegane.

And as Missandei’s noggin unceremoniously fell from the top the walls of King’s Landing, in front of Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen and her soldiers, it was Missandei’s beau Grey Worm who took it the hardest.


Grey Worm, played by Jacob Anderson, and Missandei had promised to go to Naath together once all the fighting was over, to live happily ever after. This of course meant that one or both of them would die because, well, this is Game of Thrones and we can’t have nice things. Fans even thought she’d die at the Battle of Winterfell.

However, because Game of Thrones is fantasy, and because all fantasy fiction these days seems to take place in alternate realities and ‘multiverses’, Anderson took to Twitter to post a hopeful message about his character’s possible future with Missandei.

Anderson posted am adorable clip of himself and Nathalie Emmanuel dancing to a little musical megaphone improvisation (he is, after all, also known for being a musician under his Raleigh Ritchie monkier).

He wrote:

I know it hurts. But Somewhere in the multiverse

Check it out:

It’s definitely a nice thought that Grey Worm and Missandei made it out alright in another storyline. However, while there are Game of Thrones prequels confirmed, we may have to wait a while for this alternate reality to emerge.


For now, Missandei’s head is still rolling around the outskirts of King’s Landing.

Going slightly against Grey Worm’s ‘multiverse’ idea, the actress Nathalie Emmanuel took to social media to post an emotional farewell to her character.

She wrote:

It’s been one of my greatest joys playing Missandei of Naath… The quiet and kind translator. A brilliant woman who overcame so much suffering and found herself, her voice… and her one and only love. She represented so much for me, personally, that I have no choice but to carry the things she has taught me into my life going forward.

She did, however, add a touching mention for her on-screen BF, Grey Worm:

I literally cannot tell you what sharing the screen with you has meant to me. I found performances I didn’t know I had inside me, simply because you gave me so much to work against. Playing Missandei and Grey Worm’s journey has been so special.

See you in the multiverse, Missandei.

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