Game Of Thrones Actor Tells Conan O’Brien He Knows A Secret About The Show

by : Tom Percival on : 09 Apr 2016 11:25

For anyone who’s not sick of Game of Thrones teasing the ultimate fate of Jon Snow there’s new footage which may confirm what we’ve all been dreading. 


Liam Cunningham, who plays the Onion Knight, Ser Davos, appeared on Conan on Thursday to further tease where season six was going and even confessed to knowing something that no one else knew, Complex reports.


The actor claimed that the first time he saw George R.R. Martin the venerable author came over to him and whispered a secret into the his ear. Whatever he told Liam though he’s not telling, joking that HBO have a sniper in the room ready to take him out just in case he lets blabbed.

Thankfully Cunningham hadn’t come to CoCo’s show empty handed and offered the audience a glimpse of the new season. However he did admit that ‘there ain’t gonna be any spoilers in it,’ although the scene actually does offer a tiny glimmer of additional Jon Snow info.


In the clip we see that Jon is indeed, currently, deceased and that Ser Davos plus a handful of loyal knights are guarding his body while the other Crows try and smash their way into the room. Why do the ‘loyalists’ need Jon Snow’s body intact? Could a resurrection be looming?

To be honest I’m over all these constant teases now and just want the season to start!

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