Game Of Thrones Director Warns New Season Has Moments As Shocking As The Red Wedding

by : Emily Brown on : 12 Apr 2019 15:59
Game of Thrones season eight shocking scenesGame of Thrones season eight shocking scenesHBO

As if fans needed any more of an excuse to be excited about Game of Thrones, the director has now revealed the new season has moments just as shocking as the iconic Red Wedding. 


Although time probably feels like it’s come to a standstill as we count down to April 14, season eight is very nearly upon us, and soon, the fate of each and every beloved character will be revealed.

With violent murder, a lot of nudity and countless battles, the series has had its fair share of shocking moments, with one of the most memorable taking place in season three, in the episode titled Rains Of Castamere.

Game of Thrones red weddingGame of Thrones red weddingHBO

Any true GoT fan should have really watched season three by now, but in case you’re really far behind, there are spoilers for the episode below.


Rains Of Castamere, directed by David Nutter, features the blood-filled scenes of the Red Wedding, in which Catelyn Stark, her son Robb and his wife Talisa are all killed in a dramatic and grotesque attack.

It was a spectacular display, but Nutter’s revealed there’s even more where that came from.

In an interview with Metro, he was asked if fans could expect something similar to the Red Wedding in the upcoming season.

He responded:

The short answer is – yes!

The director also spoke about the intense battle scenes which will take place in season eight, one of which is set to be the ‘biggest in TV history’.

Game of Thrones red weddingGame of Thrones red weddingHBO

He admitted the battles have been ‘incredibly exhausting’ for him as a director in the past, saying:

I can’t say that it’s more draining or less draining to be the director of the episode, but I will say that we’re all in the same boat, actors and director, when it comes to really bringing our “A game” to the fore.

Battle scenes are just incredibly exhausting for all concerned.

Nutter continued:

Having said that, they are, at the same time, sometimes tedious – because there’s so much minute detail to deal with, from both an acting and directing standpoint.

Horses, armaments, special effects are all vying for our attention and energy, in a lot of cases, and it’s true that it’s exhausting trying to lasso all of these elements into a coherent whole.

I’m sure the incredible efforts by cast and crew will make for some spectacular scenes.

Season 8 of Game of Thrones will air in the US on HBO on April 14, and Sky Atlantic early morning April 15 in the UK.

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