Game Of Thrones Fans Are Convinced Jaime Is Still Alive

by : Lucy Connolly on : 16 May 2019 14:32

Warning: Contains Spoilers

Jaime Lannister still aliveJaime Lannister still aliveHBO

Okay folks, the end of Game of Thrones is nigh and the majority of us are expecting some pretty major stuff to happen in the final episode if it stands any chance of redeeming itself.

Since last week’s episode when (final spoiler alert!) Daenerys did a full 360 and turned all Mad Queen on us, a lot of fans have been feeling pretty let down about the way certain character acrs panned out.

In particular, Jaime Lannister, who threw away an entire eight seasons of progress by returning to King’s Landing to be with his evil sister, Cersei, and abandon all of his friends (and Brienne, sob).


Which is why some people are clutching at straws and hoping against all hope that he didn’t actually die in the penultimate episode, The Bells, aka the Battle of King’s Landing.

In fairness, Game of Thrones has been known to do that in the past. You know, kill off a major character only to bring them right back to life in the next season. Except there isn’t a next season, which leads us to believe that it could all happen in the next episode…

Despite Jaime last being seen disappearing under a load of rubble after Daenerys and her last remaining dragon destroyed the Red Keep, we didn’t actually see his dead body. Hence the fan theories that he’s still alive.

Jaime LannisterJaime LannisterHBO

One fan in particular has put forward a pretty compelling case which seems to suggest Jaime might be appearing in the final episode, posting their thoughts on Tumblr.

Tumblr user WeedsAreFlowersToo said things simply don’t add up, particularly because none of the actors close to Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who plays Jaime, have said goodbye to him on social media.

The post read:

Why isn’t ANYONE acknowledging that Jaime Lannister just died??? Why is nobody in the cast thanking Nik for his performance? Why did Pilou and Lena’s insta post not say anything about Jaime dying?

Why isn’t Nik saying anything about what he thinks of the scene? Why did he make a post saying goodbye to Lena, and not to the character he played for 8 years? Why is there no talk of Jaime’s death in the game revealed?


Take a look for yourselves – no sign of ‘goodbyes’ in sight:


The Tumblr user’s next piece of proof was regarding Entertainment Weekly and one of their writers, James Hibberd, who has been writing up exit interviews with most of the actors who have died on this season of the show.

For example, he did interviews with both Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister) and Rory McCann (Sandor ‘The Hound’ Clegane).

User WeedsAreFlowersToo wrote:

He did an interview with Lena and one with Rory McCann about their deaths. Why not Nikolaj too when his character ‘died’ in the same episode in a very divisive way? Surely, it would be important to have the actor talk about it?

Yet when someone asked James where Nikolaj’s interview was, he simply replied saying he was ‘holding that one for a bit…’

jaime lannister still alive theory game of thronesjaime lannister still alive theory game of thronesJames Hibberd/Twitter

Which, y’know, is more than a little bit cryptic. Adding to this, the Tumblr user said Hibberd also claimed there was a character he was surprised to see alive in the final episode.

WeedsAreFlowersToo ended their argument by saying ‘prove me wrong,’ so it seems they’re pretty determined Jaime is alive and kicking.


The important thing is though, are you?

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