Game Of Thrones Fans Can Now Buy 6ft Fire Breathing Dragons To Guard Their Homes

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 20 May 2019 20:08
dragon statue from game of thronesdragon statue from game of thronesKennedy News

If you were a character in Game of Thrones, what’s the one thing you’d want on your side?

White Walkers? The Unsullied? Tormund Giantsbane? A direwolf? While any of them would undoubtedly make great companions and allies, everyone knows the dragons are the bees knees. That’s why there was such uproar when two of them snuffed it.


But good news for those wanting to keep the dream alive, as you can now buy six foot tall dragon statues – which actually breathe fire! – to keep at home, y’know, for fun, barbecues, and giving health and safety inspectors a heart attack.

Take a look at these puppies below:

The incredible statues were handmade from copper by friends Thomas Grabarczyk and Piter Mojka from Wrocław, Poland, who also – of course – happen to be fans of the HBO show.


The duo claim the dragons can act as gargoyles on the side of fans’ homes to decorate gutters and transform their homes into something straight out of Westeros.

Thomas and Piter, who run Rextorn Metalwork, have also created Jaime Lannister’s hand out of brass, which took more than three weeks to make.

fire breathing dragon statuefire breathing dragon statueKennedy News

Thomas said:


They are mostly decorative objects. Jaime’s Golden Hand took part in the official premiere of the final season of Game of Thrones at Radio City Music Hall in New York.

The dragon head is part of the whole dragon, ordered by one of our dear customers. He put it in his garden to guard the property.

However, the dragon heads are often made for a different purpose: they serve as gargoyles, a decorative end of the gutters that drain water away from the roof.

They are therefore fully functional objects, which have an important technical role to play and are important accents in the historical architecture.

copper dragon from game of thronescopper dragon from game of thronesKennedy News

So, if you fancy one, you better get in line and place an order.

Thomas added:


Each of our projects is made to individual order. Its price depends on many factors: the complexity of the design, the level of difficulty and the time needed to complete the order.

Sometimes we have projects that take up half a year or more. All this influences the price, which is set individually for each project.

replica of jaime lannister hand from game of thronesreplica of jaime lannister hand from game of thronesKennedy News

The pair’s studio, Rextorn Metalwork, was selected as one of 18 that HBO asked to design artefacts to celebrate the show’s final season.

Thomas said:


It was on a wave of popularity [from footage of a dragon egg we made going viral] that HBO noticed us and, because the network was working on the final season of the show, decided to get in touch.

Now if only I had the space for a six foot dragon…

Be sure to check out Rextorn Metalwork for more incredible creations.

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