Game Of Thrones Fans Find Genius Way To Deal With Hackers


Loyal Game of Thrones fans have found an ingenious way of combating both the recent episode leaks and those trolls who are willing to spoil it for the rest of us.

You can  probably draw comparisons of HBO’s month to the Penance Walk that Cersei Lannister had to endure, the only difference being HBO didn’t deserve it – as far as we know anyway.

However the network can draw some solace in the fact that avid fans of the show are banding together to disrupt any potential spoilers.

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As reported by UPROXX, Fans have taken to Twitter to with the hashtag #FakeGameOfThronesSpoilers. It’s a way to make light of the serious nature of the leaks and protect innocent fans from spoilers.

Nothing screams nobhead louder than someone who’s the embodiment of a walking spoiler alert. They are quite literally worse than Satan. I’m not sure what they get out of revealing key plot points of films or TV shows, but I know it fills me with contempt.

It’s quite sadistic if you think about the enjoyment they get out of it. For those of you that are patient and are currently avoiding episode six of Game Of Thrones season it is out on Sunday at 2AM (UK).

Not long to go my friends, hopefully your patience is rewarded!