Game Of Thrones Fans Think Jason Momoa Shaving His Beard Means He’ll Be In Season 8

by : Emily Brown on : 18 Apr 2019 17:57
Game of Thrones fans think Jason Momoa will returnGame of Thrones fans think Jason Momoa will returnHBO/@Jason Momoa/YouTube

Hopeful Game of Thrones fans think Jason Momoa shaving his beard off means he’ll be making an appearance in the final season of the show. 


The actor shared a video to his YouTube channel today to promote water in aluminium cans as an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bottles.

To really capture everyone’s attention, Momoa pulled out the big guns and underwent an on-screen transformation by shaving his beard off for the greater good.

Check out his transformation here:


As he threw his facial hair into the wind, the 39-year-old shouted:

Goodbye Drogo, goodbye Arthur Curry, goodbye Declan!

Although he bid farewell to a number of his bearded characters, the video has led some GoT fans to speculate there may be more behind the actor’s goodbye to Khal Drogo.

Momoa hasn’t appeared as the Dothraki leader since season one of the show, when he met his unfortunate demise as Daenerys smothered him to death.

Jason Momoa GoTJason Momoa GoTHBO

Apologies if you haven’t got to that scene yet, but it aired eight years ago. If you haven’t seen it yet, you probably never will.

Anyway, Drogo’s death would suggest he’d be out of the show for good, but the fact Momoa kept the character’s signature look, aka a beard, for all this time, might be evidence Drogo will make a comeback.

Also, considering it’s been eight years since Drogo’s death, it’s a little suspicious Momoa thought to bid him farewell again in the recent video.


Fans have taken to social media to share their suspicions, and most of them seem in agreement – the fact he’s shaved must mean he’s coming back.

One hopeful person wrote:

Is that cause you finished filming season 8 in GOT?!!!

While another commented:

Wasn’t he allowed to shave years ago? Is he appearing one more time in GoT season 8?

Jason Momoa's fans think him shaving means he'll be back in Game of ThronesJason Momoa's fans think him shaving means he'll be back in Game of ThronesYouTube

The latest and final season of the show is currently underway, and there’s only five episodes left in which Drogo could make a comeback – but stranger things have happened!

Rumours about the actor’s return to the show began to circulate when he made an appearance at the season eight premiere in New York earlier this month – although many past and present cast members walked the red carpet, so that’s not exactly a firm giveaway.

Only time will tell if Drogo will appear in the final season, but I’m sure fans will keep their hopes high!

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