Game Of Thrones Fans Think Qyburn’s Death Is Funniest Of All 8 Seasons

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Warning: Contains Spoilers

Qyburn's death in game of thronesHBO

As we’ve come to know, love and hate – in Game of Thrones there are necessary deaths, unexpected deaths, and just kind of funny ones too.


Some moments are unintentionally funny, and have spawned memes that will be appropriate for years to come. And some moments make you laugh because it seems there’s nothing else to do – sometimes something so unexpected happens you just laugh and say ‘wait, what?’

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In the latest episode, The Bells of season eight, there were a lot of deaths. Mainly by dragon fire and crumbling buildings falling on people.

However, some fans have thankfully found the funny side in one death in particular. It happened just before we were finally treated to the legendary Cleganebowl – the epic battle between two huge brothers. It ended poignantly, with both of them taking a bit of a tumble off the Red Keep. Though, in my mind, The Hound was the clear winner, and always was.


However, in the moments leading up to the Cleganebowl, almost as a pre-match warm-up show, we were treated to the brutal but swift death of Maester Qyburn.

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Qyburn, like a number of Maesters we’ve come to know, has always had a sniveling, sinister, side to him. Well, more than just a side – it was Qyburn’s whole character. He stuck to Cersei like a foul stench, and she allowed him to carry out his strange and unorthodox experiments.

One of which resulted in the Mountain. Desperate to save her knight and personal bodyguard after his clash with Oberyn, Cersei told Qyburn to do whatever he could to save Ser Gregor. This resulted in a Qyburn taking on the role of Dr. Franksenstein, and basically bringing Gregor back from the dead in a zombie-esque way.


Funny then, that Qyburn would die at the hand of his creation.


As Cersei, Qyburn and The Mountain fled the Red Keep down a set of stairs that was crumbling around them, they were stopped by The Hound. After The Hound dismissed of the guards pretty quickly, Qyburn ordered The Mountain to defend his queen. The Mountain, however, had other ideas – he wanted the Cleganebowl as much as we did. So he picked up Qyburn and tossed him aside like a piece of garbage, he head splitting open on the staircase.

Seconds later, Cersei simply tiptoed past, basically saying ‘See ya!’

qyburn's death in game of thronesHBO

Naturally, the reactions have been priceless:

That sh*t was hilarious af. Followed by Cersei arse two stepping the hell outta the way

qyburn game of thrones death memeGame of Thrones: Westeros Posting/Facebook

Another said:

I legit paused the episode and laughed for 10 minutes straight

While someone else added:

I almost spat my food out with laughter lol

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See ya never, Qyburn!

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Game of Thrones: Westeros Posting/Facebook
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