Game Of Thrones Fans Think They’ve Cracked Cersei’s ‘Rumour’


Spoiler Alert: You Have Been Warned

In episode eight of Game of Thrones’ sixth season, ‘No One’, viewers’ minds were set racing by a brief exchange between Cersei Lannister and former maester Qyburn.

The curious Qyburn successfully inherited the ‘little birds’ of Varys earlier in the season, and is now awaiting whispers from an investigation requested by Cersei.

But what exactly are they looking into? As reported by Bustle, these viewers have offered their thoughts on what the rumour could be.


Redditor MaskedAmeoba offered a very simple explanation:

Wildfyre. Lots and lots of it.

There certainly are legs in that theory, we already know King’s Landing is stocked to the gills with the stuff following the Battle of the Blackwater.


Qyburn’s reply to Cersei’s questioning would certainly fit the notion that she is aware what sits beneath the city.

She asked ‘Is it just a rumor or something more?’, to which her faithful experimenter replied ‘much more’.

Maybe Cersei has her secret weapon to take on the High Sparrow, particularly as he’s rendered The Mountain redundant in defending her in a trial by combat.


An alternative theory suggests that Cersei could have discovered Joffrey’s killer.

sithknight1 said:

I believe the rumor is about Loras having spilled the beans while in captivity to the High Septon about the Tyrell sponsored poisoning of Jeoffrey Baratheon. That’s what Tomen told Cersei off camera earlier in the Season.

Plot twist – but even if that were fact, would it be enough to sour Tommen’s relationship with his wife, or his new found following of the faith of the seven?

Call me a cynic, but with the show being off book, the more obvious answers now seem the most likely – and Cersei has promised a good burning on numerous occasions.