Game Of Thrones Final Season Officially Coming April 2019

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The wait is over folks, as HBO has announced that the final season of Game Of Thrones will premiere in April 2019.

It’s been over a year since the end of season seven, which saw the Night King’s army quickly growing and advancing as it descended on The Wall.

Season seven’s conclusion also saw Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen team up in more ways than one, as they travelled north together, towards Winterfell.

You can take a look at the teaser video below:

Since the last season, fans have been left wondering when they will get to see the show once more – with a mix of excitement and emotion.

And now the wait is over, as HBO have officially confirmed when it will be hitting our screens in a tweet posted to their account.

Their official account posted a compilation video of previous episodes, showing how every dramatic moment up until now has all been for a reason.

Appearing alongside the montage were the words:

Every battle. Every betrayal. Every risk. Every fight. Every sacrifice. Every death. All #ForTheThrone.

All of which just emphasised the dramatic 30 second clip. Fans who were expecting new footage will be disappointed, as the tweet did not give away anything else that we should expect.

We’ve already had some slight glimpses into what we can expect for the final season as Entertainment Weekly released the first official photo on the cover of the magazine’s latest issue, which will take a look behind the scenes of the epic show.

Co-executive producer Bryan Cogman spoke about what viewers can expect to see in the highly anticipated final six episodes of GoT, explaining:

It’s about all of these disparate characters coming together to face a common enemy, dealing with their own past, and defining the person they want to be in the face of certain death.

It’s an incredibly emotional haunting bittersweet final season and I think it honours very much what [author George R.R. Martin] set out to do — which is flipping this kind of story on its head.

And despite fans getting impatient about how long the new season has taken to film, the cast have been hard at work, working gruelling hours and filming a 10-month shoot to ensure the show goes out with a bang.

Both Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington, aka Daenerys and Jon Snow, spoke to Entertainment Weekly about their experiences filming the eighth and final season. Both emphasised how tough it has been.

Harington said:

It’s relentless; scenes that would have been a one-day shoot five years ago are now a five-day shoot. They want to get it right, they want to shoot everything every single way so they have options.

And Clarke agreed, saying:

[Camera] checks take longer, costumes are a bit better, hair and makeup a bit sharper — every choice, every conversation, every attitude, has this air of ‘this is it.’ Everything feels more intense.


They certainly know how to build the anticipation! I’m sure I don’t speak for just myself when I say I’m expecting huge things.

I can’t wait!

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