Game Of Thrones Is Getting Its Own Spin-Off

by : Tom Percival on : 05 Apr 2016 14:38

Game of Thrones is joining the likes of Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead and getting its own spin-off, where fans will talk about the latest episode of the hit TV show. 

That’s right if you can’t get enough sword swinging action from the show itself, then you should watch the new show After The Thrones, The Independent reports.


The programme will reportedly discuss and comb over all the events of that day’s episode – like a far less boring version of The Xtra Factor – when season 6 starts later this month.


They’ll also discuss both the bizarre and not so bizarre theories about where the season is heading and delve into the show’s ‘complicated politics and history’.

Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan, who were behind the Watch The Thrones podcast, will be hosts and Bill Simmons, formerly of ESPN, is on board as producer.

giphy (32)
giphy (32)

Meanwhile After The Thrones debuts on April 25 and will also be available as a podcast. Unfortunately it won’t be screening in the UK, but there’s still the official fan show Thronecast on Sky Atlantic for us Brits to look forward to.

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