‘Game Of Thrones’ Leak Promises ‘Biggest Battle Yet’


Spoiler Warning

Season seven of Game of Thrones may still be little under a year away but the spoilers are coming through like wildfire.

GOT community site Watchers On The Wall is prophesying that season seven will feature one of the largest battles to date, plus two previously unseen strongholds will make it to screen.

Yes, after six long seasons viewers will finally set their gaze upon Casterly Rock and Highgarden, home turf for the Lannisters and Tyrells respectively.


Rumours of a massive battle scene were seemingly confirmed by the Watchers, who revealed a massive number of extras are currently in rehearsals with a good number of horses thrown into the mix.

They said:

As for the much-awaited ambush battle at Malpartida, in Cáceres, we believed Las Breñas was its location, yet we just learnt the shoot is too short for that to be true. Nonetheless, this may be the largest action sequence in season seven, with a whopping 100 horses brought into the set and 500 extras who are not only required to be available for more than a month but will also undergo military training.

That sounds pretty damn promising!


And fans should expect to see Lord Randyll Tarly – the cold fucker Samuel Tarly calls ‘dad’ played by James Faulkner- in the thick of the action.

This has been confirmed by Faulkner himself tweeting teasers from set…

The crew is also reported to have tested smoke machines at Los Barruecos – a mainstay of any battle worth its salt on the HBO hit.

And now we wait…