Game Of Thrones Reunion That No One’s Talking About Might End Very Badly

by : UNILAD on : 27 Jun 2017 17:52

Warning: This post is dark and full of spoilers

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This season of Game of Thrones has gotten off to a rocketing start.

We’ve already seen major battles, plot developments and character deaths in what is usually a slow-building show.

So it’s really no surprise that people aren’t talking about this meeting of two major characters.

Except, over on Reddit, obviously…


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Redditor ‘trimeta‘ has noticed a nice running thematic connection between Daenerys and Ser Davos, namely that they both had children they cared about sacrificed during a ritual.

And who was it who sacrificed Shireen, the little girl that Davos loved like his own?

Game of ThronesGame of ThronesHBO

Melisandre of course!

And who has just struck an alliance with Melisandre?

Daenerys of course!

Game of ThronesGame of ThronesHBO

Now with Davos en route to see Daenerys with Jon Snow, he’s going to be bumping into Melisandre very soon.

Now who know’s what might happen there.

Here’s ‘trimeta’ with their idea:

One of the more interesting meetings next episode will be when Davos finds that Melisandre seems to be advising yet another would-be monarch. He’s sure to tell Daenerys how Mel’s prophecies led to Stannis’s downfall. But he’ll focus specifically on what Melisandre did to Shireen. And I hope something like the following exchange occurs:

Davos: Begging your pardon, Your Grace, I know you don’t have children, but imagine what it would be like to have your child sacrificed in a dark magic ritual that didn’t even work.

Daenerys: I don’t have to imagine, Ser Davos.

It’s an interesting parallel that hasn’t come up yet, and I hope it gets addressed.

Game of ThronesGame of ThronesHBO

This is a pretty exciting prospect, especially with Melisandre not really doing much but flitting between potential rulers and swearing her allegiance.

We can see from the latest GOT images, from the upcoming episode three of season seven, peppered throughout this article that the meeting is pretty much definitely going to go down.

We also know from previous episodes that Dany is developing a bit of a penchant for burning people alive – she seems to be threatening it left, right and centre.

Game of ThronesGame of ThronesHBO

So Dany could be the architect of a pretty brutal and ironic death for Melisandre.


Well, what goes around comes around, and only death pays for life.

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