Game Of Thrones Season 7 Leak Was Very Accurate Apart From One Important Moment


Warning: There Are Game of Thrones Season 7 Spoilers, Obviously

Game of ThronesHBO

We’re one more season of Game of Thrones down, and in our infinite curiosity, we decided to take a look back at that season seven leak to see how accurate it was.

And it turns out that it was pretty much 100% accurate, apart from one major moment.

Cast your minds back to the easy days without an undead dragon and preposterous teleporting skills, when season 7 was just a dot on the horizon.

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We reported back then that the entire season’s storyline had been leaked on Reddit.

The leak included information about the whole of the season, including the very final sequence where the newly undead Viserion blows the shit out of the Wall with his icy cool breath.

The predictions are even largely correct down to the episode and, in some cases, dialogue.

Game of ThronesHBO

It seems the person who leaked it knew their shit.

But the one big moment absent from the season, was this one:

Cersei awakens in a bed soaked with blood; an assumed miscarriage.

Game of ThronesHBO


Okay, this was supposed to occur in the final episode of the show, which obviously didn’t happen, unless I missed something major during my hurried tea break.

It seems the good folks at HBO, who have managed to weather the storm in the leakiest ship ever made, might have changed their minds last minute.

Game of ThronesHBO

In the one-on-one meeting between Tyrion and Cersei, great weight is placed on Cersei’s children, and Tyrion’s discovery that she is pregnant again.

It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that we will see that scene mentioned above in the next season, which will change both Tyrion’s and Jaime’s loyalties to her.

Tyrion openly said he always loved Cersei’s children, and this was probably a catalyst for their agreement to go into battle, which Cersei then reneged on – something Tyrion definitely knows about.


When there are no longer any of Cersei’s children left, he has little to stop him from advising her destruction.

Similarly, Jaime’s loyalty not only came from love for Cersei, but love for their unborn child.

In the final episode, Jaime saw that his loyalty to Cersei was not reciprocated by Cersei’s loyalty to him.


If the unborn Lannister were to die in the womb, then there will be little tying him to the woman who betrayed him.

This is going to be pretty huge next season – you heard it here first.