Game Of Thrones Star Gives Massive Hint About Dragons

by : Emily Brown on : 09 May 2019 08:16
Game of Thrones dragonsGame of Thrones dragonsHBO

One of the Game of Thrones stars has dropped a massive hint regarding the appearance of dragons in the show’s penultimate episode.


Now that the Night King has been defeated, Daenerys Targaryen basically has but one task left on her mind; get the Iron Throne.

Of course, she’ll have to go through Cersei first, and after losing many of her warriors to the army of the dead, she’s a bit lacking on manpower.

Cersei Iron ThroneCersei Iron ThroneHBO

Daenerys does have the benefit of being the Mother of Dragons, but after a series of unfortunate events throughout the show she’s down on her numbers in that arena, too.


Of the original three dragons, only one is left; Drogon. Admittedly that’s still a lot of dragon for any one person to have on their side, but it might not be enough when it comes to the final showdown at King’s Landing.

As it turns out, there might be another dragon hiding somewhere, waiting to unleash their fiery breath.

Pilou Asbaek, also known as Euron Greyjoy, shared an interesting Instagram post yesterday where he discussed the events of the upcoming episode.

He joked about the blunder in the previous episode which saw a modern-day coffee cup appear in Westeros, but added that there would also be light, death, and maybe a dragon or two.

He wrote:

Gone with the wind….!!!? Maybe…. can’t wait for episode 5….there will be light! And death…. and coffee cups… Oreos…?…you might see a dragon…or two…or none…


Presumably we won’t see ‘none’; it would be a strange move for Daenerys to leave her most threatening fighter behind, so it’s possible another dragon, aside from Drogon, will find their way into the fight.

Fans have speculated in the past that Drogon might have reproduced and brought some new little fire-breathers into the world, though there’s been no evidence of their existence on the show as of yet.

In season five of Game of Thrones, the dragon disappeared without explanation. However, some viewers believe he might have been off on paternity leave. So could it be Drogon’s babies who come to join in the fight?

The teaser for the upcoming episode shows Greyjoy staring up at the sky, before we hear the roar of a dragon. Given his experience with the creatures, it’s unlikely Drogon alone would make him so curious – so could the character be staring at a whole fleet of winged attackers?

Only time will tell…

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