Game Of Thrones Theory Suggests Sansa Has Been A Targaryen All Along

by : Julia Banim on : 08 May 2019 19:28

Warning: Contains Spoilers

Game of Thrones fan theory says Sansa is a Targaryen.Game of Thrones fan theory says Sansa is a Targaryen.HBO

I don’t know if I can handle any more surprise family connections and hidden lineages in Game of Thrones.

Of course, viewers had long suspected that Jon Snow – or Aegon Targaryen as we should probably start calling him – had secret dragon blood. And the tremors following the characters’ respective realisations have shaken things up considerably.

But could there be another secret Targaryen? One who has also grown up within the sanctuary of Winterfell and who – some people might argue – has excellent leadership abilities?

Sansa Stark Game of Thrones Sophie TurnerSansa Stark Game of Thrones Sophie TurnerHBO

Yes. A fan theory is doing the rounds which suggests Sansa Stark – who has long been characterised by her Tully-ishness – is also a member of the dysfunctional Targaryen family.

The ‘clue’ to this possible heritage lies in the original credits sequence, which is of course so gorgeous that you would be forgiven for not noticing a misplaced sigil.

As we all know, the grand, aristocratic families of Game of Thrones take great pride in their sigils, whether that be the Lannister lion or the Greyjoy kraken.

And nobody takes their sigil more seriously than the Starks, who at one point kept a literal wolf pack as their beloved family pets. So why then does Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa, have a dragon sigil next to her name in season one’s opening credits?

Okay, admittedly it would be weird if such a huge plot point was revealed so close to the end. And its crystal clear that Sansa does not share Jon’s appreciation of dragons and their mothers.

However, Game of Thrones has continued to deliver a number of surprises. I wouldn’t be surprised if the showrunners still have a couple of unexpected plot twists up their sleeve.

Check out the original credits for yourself below:


Read into this ‘hint’ what you will. But also remember that a coffee cup was left knocking about last episode and all that symbolised was that this show, although brilliant, is made by humans who do not benefit from Bran’s third eye.

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