GBBO Contestant Investigated As Result Of Official Bake Off Bio

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Great British Bake Off is nearly over, and nobody seems to agree on who should win for their baking abilities.

Steven, Kate and Sophie are all making their way into the tent for one last pass at pastry perfection, and millions are set to tune in.

We can expect innuendos, outrageous shirt prints and baking mishaps – though hopefully the oven won’t break now Stacey’s gone.

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But we could also be witnessing another type of drama unfold as Sophie Faldo is actually under investigation for benefits fraud.

Sophie’s biography on the Bake Off website reads:

Sophie grew up in Suffolk and now lives in Surrey with her boyfriend, David and cat Loki.

Seems fine right? Well, no. That’s because it’s been alleged Sophie has been claiming a single person’s allowance despite living with her boyfriend.

Channel 4

Now, Sophie has ‘categorically’ denied these accusations, which first arose in The Sun. It is believed an investigator for the Department for Work and Pensions spotted the bio which has landed her in trouble.

A source told The Sun:

She is being investigated for benefit fraud. She has been saying her partner doesn’t live with her – but he does. They have been caught out.

Channel 4

At the beginning of the show, it was reported Sophie was living in a house share, and she has recently moved.

Last night a Bake Off spokesman said:

Sophie has recently declared a change in her circumstances to the DWP.

A meeting to reassess her situation, scheduled for last Friday, was postponed by her local job centre until next week. Any suggestion of benefit fraud relating to Sophie is categorically untrue.

Sophie herself refused to comment on the allegations.

Channel 4

It is entirely possible and probably likely Sophie just hasn’t updated her change in circumstances and there is a discrepancy which likely wouldn’t have happened if she wasn’t on TV.

Either way, you can watch Sophie, Steven and Kate battle it out for the title tomorrow night on Channel 4.