Gemma Collins Falls Through Stage At Radio 1 Teen Awards


Gemma Collins is perhaps the most likeable and funniest star of The Only Way Is Essex, partly because we can all relate to the scrapes she gets herself into.

From getting hypnotised to cure her food obsession to thinking she’s being haunted in the Big Brother house, I think theres a little bit of Gemma in all of us.

Gearing up for her big appearance at the Radio 1 Teen Awards, Gemma spoke about her excitement over Twitter, stating how she was ‘so excited to see you all there’.

Little did the Essex girl know this was to be a night to remember for all the wrong reasons…

Announcing the winner of the Best TV Show category in her usual enthusiastic manner, the former used car sales woman appeared to be in her element as she bellowed ‘Love Island!’ into the mic.

However, mere seconds later, she tumbled through a trap door in the stage which she hadn’t seen open, disappearing suddenly as if by magic…

The open trap door had been there to let the worthy Love Island winners onto the stage to accept their trophy, but instead it swallowed her whole, leaving the audience in a state of shock.

You can watch the moment the TOWIE girl’s star-studded night of excitement turned to peril below:

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Luckily, she seemed fine as Love Island’s Jamie Jewitt, Amber Davies, and Marcel Somerville helped her re-emerge triumphantly back on the stage.

Confidence unshaken, the reality star apologised to the surprised crowds:

Oh my God, I am so sorry about that. This is live, this is what happens.

Is this really what happens though Gemma?!

Chatting with show hosts Nick Grimshaw and Rita Ora after her mishap, it seems not even falling through a stage in front of crowds of people could dampen her spirits:

Apart from just stacking it on stage I’m having the best time of my life,

I’m kind of okay, the crowd have been amazing

Taking to Twitter, Gemma confirmed she was A-Okay, comparing her mishap with those of her fictional twinny Bridget Jones.

Gemma tweeted:

Guys it’s ok I’m alive I’ve always said I’m like Bridget Jones don’t worry everyone xx best and worst moment of my life

Could there be a rom-com in the works starring Gemma Collins? Maybe the meet-cute could involve her falling into a pot hole on top of her potential love interest who has already fallen in there?

It’s destiny babes…

She also compared herself to pop icon Madonna, who of course experienced an infamous tumble during the 2015 Brit Awards:

Madonna done it and I done it when I tell you I’m Bridget Jones in an Essex girl it’s finally confirmed best and worse moment for me

Gem, it sounds like you’re in good company.

In the words of the high priestess of the spray tan herself, according to Celebs Now, ‘I am every woman! I’ve got brains, beauty and booty, and if they’re not gonna come and grab this up well then… whatever!’

Another classic Collins moment from the ‘Queen of Memes’.