Gemma Collins Shows Awful Injuries From Falling Through Stage

by : Francesca Donovan on : 02 Nov 2017 07:58

You may not watch TOWIE, but you’ve certainly heard of Gemma Collins by way of the reality TV rumour mill.


The good-natured Essex wit recently made BBC headlines when she fell through a stage live on television, as she was attempting, in no graceful terms, to present an award at the Radio 1 Teen Awards 2017.

You can watch that moment she’ll ‘never live down’ in the clip below:

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Now GC has worried her fanbase after posting a video, in which they noticed some pretty nasty injuries as a consequence of the downward drop.


Holidaying in Tenerife, Gemma took to poolside to post a swimsuit selfie, thus is 2017 and in the process, showed off her body confidence, as well as her bruises.

Many Internet Detectives credited the bruises, which covered her side, arm and chest, to the ‘stage fall’ and sent warm wishes hoping the holiday would help the professional person recover.

@gemmacollins1 / Instagram

After her brush with gravity, Gemma told This Morning:

I’m in a bit of shock still, I am in a bit of pain this morning but I found the whole experience absolutely hilarious. The seriousness of it is that it could have been fatal because what people don’t see is that under there it’s all machinery.

It could have been fatal but it wasn’t so you’ve just got to dust yourself off – it was the best moment of my life to stand on stage at Wembley Stadium but I just wish I hadn’t got so excited and spun round to give them the award and fell in the hole.

Gemma, as is in her nature, took the subsequent meme treatment very well, even sharing someone’s video after they’d dubbed the fall to the music of Titanic.

She added it was thanks to her ‘booty’ she hadn’t been more injured.


She explained how fellow reality TV personalities helped her up, adding:

The three Love Island guys were coming up on stage and I just want to apologise because I wiped them out. They had to go and see paramedics.

They were screaming ‘Get her up! Her legs are gonna be crushed!’ because the platform underneath was raising up and my legs were dangling over the end of it so thank you to the two Love Island guys.

That poor girl [Amber] nearly got totally crushed, there’s nothing of her. She nearly got totally crushed.

GC recalled the ‘near-fatal’ fall, and concluded:

My mum was crying her eyes out, she was like ‘You could have died’.

But I lived to tell the tale, I got back up and went on to present with Grimmy and Rita.

It’s just one of these moments I don’t think I’ll ever live down.

The incident will just be catalogued as yet another moment when the Internet can’t help but love ‘the GC’ for her self-deprecating nature, if not her career choice in reality television.

You know what they say, stages and machinery can break your bones but names will never hurt you.

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