Geordie Shore Star ‘Caught Sniffing Cocaine’ As Club Toilet Video Emerges

by : UNILAD on : 28 Dec 2016 13:44
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Marnie Simpson has been caught up in a drugs row after she was filmed with what seems to be white powder in a nightclub toilet.

The Geordie Shore ‘star’ can be seen huddled with her friends in a cubicle at Inferno nightclub in Shrewsbury on a Boxing Day night out, The Mirror reports.

Marnie, 24, is holding her mobile phone in her hand, with a line of what appears to be white powder right on top of it. A friend is kneeling down beside her while another girl guards the door.


A fellow club-goer caught her in the act by holding their phone over the top of the toilet door.

In the short clip, Marnie seems to attempt to conceal the phone and duck out of view as she shouts, ‘Oh my God’.

According to their source, Marnie was in a private booth for the duration of the night and was surrounded by bouncers.


They added:

At first my friend took a picture as she heard laughing and Marnie talking. Then she took the video. She was hurled out about 20 minutes after, who told her, ‘you can’t be doing things like that’.

The person who took the video and pictures claimed they argued with Marnie before being thrown out of the club.


Marnie was apparently partying with her boyfriend, Lewis Bloor, the guy she copped off with on Celebrity Big Brother earlier this year.

Should we really be surprised about these ‘shocking’ allegations? Probably not.

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