Geordie Shore’s Sophie Reveals Incredible Weight Loss In Latest Photos

by : UNILAD on : 04 Jan 2018 19:02
Sophie Kasaei/Instagram

Former Geordie Shore cast member, Sophie Kasaei, has been posting some before and after photos which reveal her incredible weight loss.


She said she got herself in a ‘bad place’ but a combination of eating healthily and exercising has helped her turn it all around.

The 28-year-old has already been documenting her regime on social media and has reportedly dropped two stone in the past two months alone.

Posting her latest before and after, Sophie wrote:


Wow, I do get a shock when I compare photos of myself.

I got myself in such a bad place where I thought there was no way out. But there always is.

Healthy eating and changing my way of life has changed me, not only physically but mentally and it’s all down to my diet plan and supplements from @szknutrition positive vibes only.

She also wrote under another before and after post:

I was so unhappy in the before picture and the truth is I was. I had just resided myself to the fact that I would always be the fat one from Geordie Shore.

But then I made some simple changes and worked on my diet and health. You too can make a change starting today! Go to www.szknutrition.com or the link in my bio to check out my diet plan and supplement range.

I mean, of course she’s promoting a brand but you can’t argue with how well she looks.

According to The Sun, Sophie said she’d been left in tears at comments made about her weight:

I’ve been the fat girl out of Geordie Shore for so long…

There was a point where I couldn’t even see my vagina in the shower as my stomach was covering it and had to lay down in the bath if I wanted to shave it!

A real turning point was when me and my ex-boyfriend, Joel Corry were on a beach in Barcelona and the pictures came out on my birthday – the 8th November, and I burst out crying as the comments were so disgusting.

He’s ripped, he loves the gym and I was the fat girl next to him, and people were saying, ‘No wonder he’s so muscly if he’s got to lift her every day, why is he even with her?’

Those comments hurt so much, it was my birthday and I didn’t want to see anyone, I just wanted to crawl into a hole.


Two days ago, Sophie revealed how it felt to start wearing skirts again.

She wrote on Instagram:

The feeling of being able to wear skirts again and bodysuits is just priceless!

Never thought I would be able to wear these kind of outfits but I can now after my healthy diet and taking my @szknutrition supps!

Good work Sophie!

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