George Martin’s Death Caused A Lot Of Game Of Thrones Fans To Panic


You’ve probably heard the sad news that the legendary Beatles producer Sir George Martin, has died aged 90.

Unfortunately, a lot of people confused him with another famous George Martin.

Yes, a staggering number of Game of Thrones fans misread the producer’s name and went into a mild form of shock when they believed the series’ author, George RR Martin, had died, the Independent reports.

The outpouring of grief soon began on Twitter, although more people seemed concerned that they wouldn’t find out the end of the series more than any actual grief for a man dying.

Most Game of Thrones fans were relieved that the author was still alive and will therefore be able to finish his highly-anticipated sixth book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, Winds of Winter.

Because that was clearly the most important issue here…

Just to make it absolutely crystal clear, George RR Martin, writer of Game Of Thrones, isn’t dead.

But Jon Snow is.