George R.R. Martin Confirms There Will Be Five Game Of Thrones Spin-Off Series

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Game of Thrones author and literature’s most infamous Grim Reaper George R.R. Martin has confirmed that there will be not one, not two, but five spin-off series from the popular fantasy franchise. 

Taking some time away from finishing Winds of Winter (when George when?) Mr Martin confirmed on his blog that the rumours HBO is working on spin-off series, although he claimed they wouldn’t be traditional spin-offs.


He wrote: 

What we’re talking about are new stories set in the “secondary universe” (to borrow Tolkien’s term) of Westeros and the world beyond, the world I created for A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE. […] None of these new shows will be ‘spinning off’ from GOT in the traditional sense.

We are not talking Joey or AfterMASH or even Frasier or Lou Grant, where characters from one show continue on to another. So all of you who were hoping for the further adventures of Hot Pie are doomed to disappointment.

Every one of the concepts under discussion is a prequel, rather than a sequel. Some may not even be set on Westeros. Rather than ‘spinoff’ or ‘prequel,’ however, I prefer the term ‘successor show.’ That’s what I’ve been calling them.


So any of you hoping that you’d get to see The Hound and Arya setting up a B&B in Essos will have to stick to my fan-fiction. Spoilers hi-jinks ensue!

George went on to say he’s been meeting with HBO execs since last August to chat about the shows and that there are five currently in development.

Four of the shows are being written by Max Borenstein, Jane Goldman, Brian Helgeland, and Carly Wray but all of the writers will be collaborating with Martin to ensure they maintain his vision for Westeros.


The fifth show is a late comer and as such HBO haven’t revealed the writer attached to the project.

Of course Martin was keen to point out that these five scripts are just pilot scripts and as such there’s no promise that they’ll actually be made into full series.

He also confirmed a few of the things that the shows won’t cover namely, Robert’s rebellion (That’s going to be handled in the main series) or Dunk & Egg as he wants to finish the series before it’s adapted.

Exciting announcement Martin…. Now get back to writing Winds of Winter.