German Professor Who Is Hardcore Star Wars Fan Repaints Observatory As R2-D2

by : UNILAD on : 25 Mar 2019 20:11
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In a galaxy not so far away, a German professor has transformed an observatory into a giant R2-D2 because why the hell not.

Dr. Hubert Zitt, a professor at the Zweibrücken University of Applied Sciences, is an expert in electrotechnology and Star Wars.


Although Zitt only received a doctorate for his knowledge in the field of systems theory of electrotechnology, yeah I have no idea what that is either, he is famous for the lectures he delivers in Star Wars.

According to Bored Panda, the science-fiction fan decided to give the Zweibrück Observatory of the Natural Science Association a makeover, painting it to look like Star Wars‘ adorable robot R2-D2.

Recruiting his father-in-law Horst Hell, painter Klaus Ruffing and several of his students, Zitt transformed the observatory in September 2018, much to the delight of Star Wars fans.


Sharing an image of a Jawa standing outside the observatory, one person wrote on Instagram:

On the grounds of the FH in Zweibrücken the students have had a reason to be happy for a few weeks.
In collaboration with their Prof Hubert Zitt they have painstakingly transformed the dome of the observatory into the Star Wars droid R2-D2.

So I think that part can be really proud. A galactic strong result. May the force be with you!!!

I bet Zitt is excited to see the latest Star Wars film, Episode IX, which is hitting cinemas later this year.


Ever since the release of Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi in 2017, fans have been eagerly awaiting any clues as to what they can expect from the next installment.

The upcoming blockbuster will bring to a close the latest trilogy of the main Star Wars film franchise.

Although plot details are being kept under wraps, we do know Daisy Ridley (Rey), John Boyega (Finn), Adam Driver (Kylo Ren), Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron), Anthony Daniels (C-3P0), Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker), Kelly Marie Tran (Rose), and Domhnall Gleeson (General Hux) are all coming back for the sequel.


Original star Billy Dee Williams is set to return to the Star Wars universe as Lando Calrissian, an old friend of Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewbacca.

Now, Disney hurry up and drop the trailer, I can’t cope with the suspense!

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    German Professor Who Is A Hardcore Star Wars Fan Has Just Repainted An Observatory Into R2-D2