Girl Claims She Has Proof Eminem Is Her Real Dad

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 02 Jul 2018 22:00
Haley on Dr PhilHaley on Dr PhilCBS

It’s not uncommon for kids and teenagers to fall out with their parents, even going so far as to wish they had a different family à la Home Alone.


However, these adolescent wishes usually pass quite quickly, either due to reconciliation, realising they’re your family and you can’t change that, or simply growing up.

However, one woman is maintaining her strong belief, rapper Eminiem is her real father. She even has ‘proof’.

Appearing on the Dr Phil show, 20-year-old Haley stuck firm to her conviction he is her father.


The young woman also half believed Dr Phil could be her uncle (which would make him related to Slim…).

Trying to get his head round the idea in a logical, common sense kind of way, Dr Phil said:

I’ve been on television for 20 years – five years on Oprah then 15 years on my own show.

Do you think that, some time through the last 20 years, somebody might’ve mentioned ‘by the way, your dad’s brother is Dr Phil’?

Haley replied:

There’s a lot of things that I think that people say that I’m just crazy for, but that’s what I think.

Dr Phil Dr Phil CBS

Cutting to the point, Dr Phil asks ‘would that make me Eninem’s brother?’

To which Haley replies:


Would it? […] No that’d probably make you his dad.

If Dr Phil was Eminem’s dad, we’d probably have heard about it right?

Haley said:

Well, people that are famous usually tend to not say ‘hey, this is my dad, he’s famous too’. Sometimes they have kids that they don’t even know about.

As Dr Phil tries to get to the heart of the matter, Haley’s ‘proof’ appears in the form of a photograph of Eminem next to a photograph of her dad who ‘they call Mikey’.

Check it out here:

Mikey, fortunately, has provided a statement on the matter.

He wrote:

My name is Michael Kristi [Haley’s mother] is my half-sister… I am Haley and Adrianna’s uncle. I am not Eminem but I did look like him and was mistaken for him in my 20s.

Haley, however, still can’t quite get her head around it.


After hearing the statement, she says:

He looks just like him, there’s no way.

I don’t know what to tell you Haley.

Perhaps this sign language translator can spell it out for you, as she seems to know a thing or two about Eminem.

A video of her converting Eminem’s lyrics into visuals – in real time live at a concert nonetheless – went viral recently.

Check it out:

The interpreter, named Holly Maniatty, has been praised for her awesome sign language skills and ability to translate Slim’s lyrics for the hearing-impaired.

Eminem, 45, also known as Marshall Mathers, has sold an eye-watering 172 million albums worldwide, and while he does have a daughter, also called Hailie, it’s definitely not the one who was just on Dr Phil (the different spelling of their names might be just one giveaway.)

In fact, Eminem and daughter Hailie Jade Scott have been spending some quality time together at music festivals across America this year.

The 22-year-old has been ‘crashing’ dates on her dad’s tour, crystallising the special moments with pictures, not of her weird uncle, but with the real Slim Shady.

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