Gordon Ramsay Goes Undercover, Group Chat Sh*t About Him


Gordon Ramsay loves busting people’s chops. Served some raw fish? Chops. Been slightly behind time on serving some raw fish? More chops.

Forgotten to address him as chef? Oh boy, big time chops. Just generally existed? Enough chops to feed all of humanity for millennia to come.

It’s rare though that Gordon Ramsay gets his own chops busted. If anyone does do it, Gordon can either shout them down or just get it edited in such a way that it looks like he’s telling them to fuck off and die unless they cook flawless chicken satay.


But in a new segment for The F Word, Ramsay is put in a situation where he can’t really do anything about it.

Watch as Ramsay dresses in disguise and mingles among contestants who all sit around a table and bust his seemingly un-present chops:

Surprise: Ramsay really is there, and he’s been listening to them all busting his fucking chops like a bitch.

He took it in his stride, though, so fair play to him.