Gordon Ramsay Looks Unrecognisable As He Goes Undercover For ‘The F Word’

Fox TV

Foul mouthed chef Gordon Ramsay has transformed himself into a 20 stone man using a fat suit and make-up for his latest U.S. TV show.

Ramsay’s going undercover for the American version of his smash-hit Channel 4 show The F Word, and he spent several hours in make-up everyday to achieve his dramatic transformation.

To complete his new look make-up artists applied some facial hair, a dark wig and finished the whole thing off with a new pair of glasses.

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Gordon explained the advantages of his new look:

The fat suit lets me go undercover. I’ve snuck into restaurants to see what other chefs are up to. It’s amazing to walk around incognito. No one recognised me, it was brilliant.

You might have expected Gordon’s new look to frighten TV executives but they had bigger things on their minds during the production of the show, namely Gordon’s tendency to swear every five seconds.

In fact the bosses are so worried they’ve insisted that there be a three second delay during the live segments of the show so they can bleep out any sneaky f-bombs that Gordon might accidentally drop.

Fox TV

Thankfully there’s no risk of Gordon’s foul mouth giving away his secret identity while undercover as ‘fat Gordon’ as those scenes are all pre-recorded.

The F Word returns to TV next week.