Gordon Ramsay’s New Show Looks Like It’ll Be Even Better Than Kitchen Nightmares

Channel 4

Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares is the pinnacle of TV, and it looks like we might be getting another serving of Ramsay nice and soon.

It feels like he’s everywhere, and everybody loves a good bit of Gordon. If he’s not rating people’s sloppy meals on Twitter he’s off making one of his umpteen shows or gaining another Michelin star.

But it looks like he’s about to appear in his most intense TV show yet, as FOX has ordered a brand new show from everybody’s favourite foul-mouthed foodie.

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According to Deadline, the show is titled Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours To Hell & Back.

To be honest the name is a bit of a mouthful, and it’s hard to see how they’ll make that into a good hashtag as all the cool shows like to do these days, but we digress.

The show will follow Ramsay as he makes his way across the USA to help restaurants who are on their way to closing their doors for one final time.

So far so Kitchen Nightmares, right? Wrong.


Because as the title suggests, Gordon Ramsay only has 24 hours to bring the restaurants back from the brink.

In another twist, he’ll also be working out of an ‘advanced semi-truck converted into a mobile kitchen’.

So he’ll rock up in a kitted out truck, tell the restaurant owners where they’ve gone horribly wrong – dishing out platefuls of abuse, no doubt – and try and fix the restaurant before the 24-hour clock runs out. Sounds amazing.


Rob Wade, FOX’s president of alternative entertainment and specials, seems equally excited.

He said:

The restaurant business is one of the toughest there is – and no one knows that more than Gordon.

Watching him try to save these businesses, not to mention restore the livelihoods of hardworking men and women, really puts the pressure on – and doing this as the clock ticks challenges him like never before.

FOX seems confident in the pulling power of the new show because they’ve already committed to an eight-episode run of the series right off the bat.

We are ready.