GoT’s Fans Shocked As Cast Member Gatecrashes Flat Party

by : UNILAD on : 26 Apr 2016 13:46

On Sunday night, millions from around the globe tuned into watch the much anticipated Season Six premier of Game of Thrones. 


But where did Game of Thrones superstar, Maisie Williams, watch the premier? At a UCLA flat party she gatecrashed of course.

It all started with a simple tweet. But the ‘surprise’ she promised turned out to be much bigger than most could even begin to imagine.

After being inundated with replies, as you’d expect, Maisie – who is known for playing Arya Stark in the hit show – took to Instagram to show just how her night panned out.


She started by choosing a lucky couple who had tweeted into her about their Game of Thrones party:

But before she could surprise them, she had to buy them a tonne of snacks just to be nice:

Then, with snacks in hand, she nears the party – and could even hear it going on inside:


It was time for the big reveal:

The lucky winner who answered the door, Mark, came up with a cunning plan to surprise the rest of his friends with Maisie:

Although I have to say, I thought they’d be a bit more excited than that.

After the big reveal, Maisie continued to post updates about how the party was going along. Can’t say I’m not very jealous.


I must say I’m slightly anxious as to of why Maisie claimed Jon Snow is dead… Is he? Isn’t he? Is she trying to confuse us? Jelly worms hold the answer:

She later posted this to show just how much she loved her night:

But one huge question remains. Forget Jon Snow, is Mark just Dan Bilzerian in disguise?

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