Graham Norton Got Zac Efron To Pole Dance And It Was Incredible

YouTube/BBC/The Graham Norton Show

Zac Efron whacked out some crazy pole dancing skills on The Graham Norton Show and basically blew everyone’s minds in the process. 

Efron has gone from being a slightly irritating teen in High School Musical – remember when people used to sing songs from that annoying cheese-fest? – to a pretty damn good actor, firmly cemented among Hollywood’s finest.

It seems he’s more than a triple threat though, as his impressive pole dancing technique on Friday night’s show clearly displayed.


Graham quizzed The Baywatch star over an old magazine cover, which showed him appearing topless and using incredible core strength to hold himself horizontally out from a parking meter.

He teased:

Are you really doing that or are there wires?

Not that I’m calling you a liar, but there is a pole right over there.

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Tom Cruise – who also had a place on the red sofa – was not letting Zac get away with concealing his hidden talent lightly and encouraged him to get up and show everyone what he’d really made of.

He piped up with:

No, he’s doing it.

Willing to take them up on the challenge, Zac made his way over to the conveniently placed pole in the middle of the studio set.


The actor didn’t fail to impress with his unbelievable feat of upper body strength and gravity-defying balance, as he gripped the pole and proceeded to tilt himself until he was perfectly horizontal.

And afterwards, he seemed pretty pleased with himself that he’d managed to pull off the stunt and not make a total tit of himself in front of a live audience.

He grinned:

I’m so happy I can still do that.


Sort of put the rest of the guests to shame there Zac…