People Are Calling For Graham Norton To Take Over ‘Boring’ Olympic Opening Ceremony

by : Julia Banim on : 23 Jul 2021 14:16
Graham Norton Trending As People Want Him To Take Over 'Boring' Olympic Opening CeremonyPA Images

The Olympic Opening Ceremony is now in full swing, with athletes from all over the world joining together at Tokyo’s National Stadium.

However, there’s one individual that many viewers feel would add a little extra pizzazz to proceedings, with his quick wit and natural gift for firing off naughty innuendoes.


Yes, as diligent as Olympic commentators Hazel Irvine and Andrew Cotter have so far been in introducing the various nations, they have yet to drop a withering putdown akin to, ‘If it doesn’t work out for him, he’s always got his Hotel Management degree. I feel he’s going to use it.’


I’m talking, of course, about the inimitable Graham Norton, with the above quote referring to his roasting of Hungary’s entrant to the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest.

Norton took over BBC’s commentary for Eurovision back in 2009, taking the mic from telly legend Terry Wogan, and fans now couldn’t imagine it without him.

Norton’s hilarious put-downs and astute observations have had us cracking up for years, and many have wondered why his talents haven’t been used to guide us through this year’s ‘boring’ Olympic ceremony.


#GrahamNorton has now started trending on Twitter, with one exasperated viewer tweeting:

I think there should be an alternative option where Graham Norton commentates the Olympics #Eurovision #Tokyo2020


Another said:

Turned on the opening ceremony and immediately got confused that Graham Norton wasn’t doing the commentary, which seems like an oversight on the part of the BBC.

A third person wrote:

For some reason I can hear Graham Norton’s Eurovision commentary in my head watching the #Olympics Opening Ceremony!


This unofficial public campaign comes as many have dubbed the ceremony ‘the most boring’ in the history of the games, with one viewer sighing:

I know times are tough but I really thought an innovative country like Japan would put on a mind boggling opening ceremony for the Olympic Games. Not so – sadly it would be the most boring one I’ve ever seen.

Another tweeted:

The Olympics opening ceremony without the fans is such a boring event, when you remember the London Olympics spectacular ceremony, this is one is below par.

So if anyone at the BBC happens to be scrolling through UNILAD this afternoon, it seems the people have well and truly spoken.

Norton would definitely add a sprinkle of much-needed spice to what is admittedly quite a lengthy and formal event, his naughty humour no doubt keeping the British audience cackling away through even the driest of moments.

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