Grand Tour Give Update On Richard Hammond’s Condition After Horror Crash


The Grand Tour has confirmed that Richard Hammond miraculously survived a horror crash without serious injury while filming for the show.

It had earlier been confirmed that Hammond was airlifted to hospital in Switzerland from the scene of the crash after flipping a £2 million pound car.

The car burst into flames shortly after impact causing great concern regarding the presenter’s welfare, however the show has taken to Twitter to update fans on Hammond’s condition and his escape.

The tweet read:

Richard Hammond was involved in a serious crash, but very fortunately suffered no serious injury.

The full statement confirmed Hammond had successfully exited the vehicle by himself prior to the car being engulfed in flame.

Hammond was ‘conscious and talking’, and in hospital it was revealed he had suffered a fracture to his knee.

Speaking to The Sun, one of Hammond’s spokespeople explained:

The crash was really bad. The car completely flipped and then burst into flames.

There was real concern for Richard but the emergency services were quickly on hand and he’s a very lucky boy.

It brought back horrendous memories of the 2006 crash for those who witnessed it.

Hammond infamously sustained brain injuries after a horror crash back in 2006 when he crashed a 288mph car.

The precise cause of this latest incident is unknown according to The Grand Tour and now subject to investigation.