Grandma Dressed As Lady Olenna Wins Every Cosplay Ever


An 85-year-old grandma completely stole the show when she rocked up to a fan convention in Atlanta, Georgia, dressed as the dagger-tongued Queen of Thorns, Lady Olenna Tyrell.

The octogenarian fangirl looked fittingly regal, sailing into Dragon Con on a wheelchair decked out to look like the iron throne. (Side note, just imagine the gloriously cutting remarks Olenna would have come out with if she had ended up on the iron throne.)

As one cosplayer noted on an Instagram post:

We can all go home now; I’ve found the best cosplay at Dragon Con 2017.

We can all go home now; I've found the best #Cosplay at #dragoncon2017

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The costume was elaborately detailed, complete with Olenna’s trademark headdress and an intricate pattern of silver roses to signify the – now completely crushed – Tyrell family.

This hardcore Highgardener even carried a single red rose, and a sign directly referencing *that* scene, simply reading ‘It was me’. Feel the thorns…

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Fellow cosplayers were in understandable awe of this majestic lady who was channelling the pure sass of the late, great mother of poisons herself.

Many Dragon Con attendees couldn’t resist the temptation to get a picture with this absolute pro.

Just like the real scene-stealing Lady Olenna, this magnificent nana completely commanded the room, and everyone in it.

RIP Lady Olenna. You may have died – in what was arguably the best scene of season seven – but your savage spirit lives on in this badass grandma.