Grey’s Anatomy’s Isaiah Washington Claims Patrick Dempsey Made Racially-Charged Comments

by : Poppy Bilderbeck on : 28 Oct 2021 13:17
Grey’s Anatomy's Isaiah Washington Claims Patrick Dempsey Made Racially-Charged CommentsAlamy

Patrick Dempsey has been accused of making racially-charged comments towards co-star Isaiah Washington while on the set of Grey’s Anatomy

On October 21, Washington called out many of his former castmates on KBLA Talk 1580 radio, accusing them of ‘toxic’ behaviour.


The 58-year-old alleged that he was reminded daily that he was ‘not the star of this show’ and ‘used as a scapegoat’ in relation to other issues that occurred when filming the medical drama, such as problems that arose between him and Enchanted actor Dempsey.

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Washington told presenter Tavis Smiley that his firing from the show in 2007 – for reportedly using a homophobic slur – was all part of a bigger ‘agenda’, US Weekly reports.

Washington now claims that it was Dempsey instead who was verbally abusive, and alleges that he even made racially-charged comments.


He said:

He was not a nice guy from day one. But he liked me and once I had a conversation with him, he said, ‘Isaiah, do you know that white men are the masters of the universe?’ And I said, ‘You really believe that?’ And he said, ‘Absolutely’.

The apparent explosive fight between 55-year-old Dempsey and Washington is detailed in How To Save A Life: The Inside Story of Grey’s Anatomywritten by Mark Wilding.

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Wilding wrote how the pair had ‘exploded’ one episode after one arrived late, and the other then did the same in spite. He detailed how ‘before you know it they were physically fighting’.

The incident was reported as being caused by a slur used by Washington, however he denied the accusations and even alleged that it was Dempsey who ‘got in [his] face’ and ‘assaulted [him] three times’, Metro reports.

In response, Washington noted that he ‘did what [he] had to do as a man. And I cussed him out’. Washington allegedly told his co-star, ‘You’re not going to punk me, you’re not going to treat me like a B-word and you’re not going to treat me like a F-word.’

He claimed he was then ‘coerced’ into apologising for using the homophobic slur, but ‘did everything that the producers and the network’ asked of him, even returning ‘under great stress’.

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While he believed his apology and return would ‘speak for [his] future at Grey’s’, his vision did not match with the show’s network or studios, and he was subsequently let go.

However, Washington also claimed that fellow co-star Ellen Pompeo was paid $5 million not to reveal how ‘nasty’ Dempsey truly was, although he did not detail who paid her.

According to the aforementioned book, Dempsey left after causing issues on the show, with one executive producer claiming Dempsey was ‘terrorizing the set’ after becoming unhappy with his long working hours.


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