Guy Builds Star Wars Lightsaber In Garage And It Actually Works

by : Emily Brown on : 21 Dec 2019 16:26
Guy Builds Star Wars Lightsaber In Garage And It Actually WorksGuy Builds Star Wars Lightsaber In Garage And It Actually WorksThe Hacksmith/YouTube

The Rise of Skywalker is finally here, while most Star Wars fans are celebrating simply by heading to the cinema, one guy went all out and built a lightsaber of his very own. 

A video of the impressive weapon was shared on YouTube channel The Hacksmith, where a number of other intricate movie props have been brought to life in the past.


The crew have previously delved into the Marvel Cinematic Universe by creating Thanos’ sword and Thor’s hammer, but this time they ventured to a galaxy far, far away for inspiration.

Check out the creation below:

The team made a good choice with their project – I think you’d be hard pressed to find a better prop to bring to life than the lightsaber.


Fans across the world have spent years wielding their own versions of the weapon, whether it be a collapsible version from the local toy store or simply a big glow-stick, all the while making the appropriate noises to signify they mean business.

However, as good as these attempts at lightsabers were, Hacksmith Industries have taken things to the next level.

Much to the dismay of fans, the creator explained Star Wars-style lightsabers are actually scientifically impossible to create in real life because they would require an ‘astronomical’ amount of energy to operate.


More specifically, they’d require more energy than a bolt of lightening, or 120,380 AA batteries.

Unfortunately even Hacksmith Industries’ version of Thor’s Hammer wasn’t enough to muster that kind of power, so instead they created a ‘protosaber’ – a weapon which, according to Star Wars lore, preceded the lightsaber.

Guy creates his own working lightsaberGuy creates his own working lightsaberThe Hacksmith/YouTube

While Luke Skywalker might scoff at the creation, at the end of the day it’s still a glowing weapon that makes whooshing noises, and if it’s good enough for Hacksmith it’s good enough for me.


A series of shots show creators cutting, welding, and constructing the lightsaber in the Hacksmith Industries workshop, and after having successfully brought the weapon the life the host of the video is seen wielding it around.

The lightsaber is essentially a glowing hot piece of metal, but much like the real thing it is ‘incredibly dangerous’, and even makes the appropriate noise when swung around.

It probably goes without saying that you should stick to less dangerous toys next time someone challenges you to a lightsaber battle, but the creators certainly did an impressive job!


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The Hacksmith/YouTube
  1. The Hacksmith/YouTube

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