Guy Comes Out With The Worst Ever Answer On The Chase


Quiz shows are often a gold mine for hilarious blunders when contestants forget the most simple answers under the pressure of the clock.

Last night’s The Chase pushed contestant Jack to the point where he forgot his own existence.

The whole world face-palmed as he answered the question ‘What is the only planet in the universe known to support life?’.

Yes, he really did say Mars.

In Jack’s defence…no, i’ve got nothing.

The people of Twitter were laughing their heads off in disbelief…

So many memes, which one to pick…

People just don’t know what it’s like under that pressure though!

We all remember when ‘Arry Redknapp flopped on a footy question on the show, but this is not being branded the ‘worst answer ever’.

To restore your faith in humanity though, here’s a clip of the guy who’s being dubbed the ‘Telminator’, absolutely schooling The Governess.

To be fair to Jack I can see how, when on a quiz show, Earth would seem too simple an answer.

A classic case of over-thinking.