Fans Decode The Riddler’s Message In The Batman’s New Trailer

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Two Batman fans believe they have decoded The Riddler’s message from the recently released trailer for The Batman.

The trailer for the Robert Pattinson film only dropped yesterday, August 23, so if they have guessed correctly, they’ve surely worked it out in record time.


At one point in the trailer, a message for Batman is left on a victim that asks, ‘What does a liar do when he’s dead?’, followed by a list of symbols.

Watch the trailer here:


Now, a couple of eager beavers have already cracked the code – or so they think.


One of the Batfans sharing their theory was Twitter user Andrew Lane, who took to social media to share his thoughts on the riddle. He believes the answer to the question is: ‘He lies still.’

Explaining his theory through via a thread of tweets, Andrew said:

I first analyzed the different symbols and found the ones that were reoccurring throughout the code. From here, I had two thought processes. I had a feeling that The Riddler may use the word “Batman” so I solved the first part as Batman. It was a failed attempt to solve the code.

I realized that the first phrase had 6 letters and symbols that were in the same position as the “A” in “Batman”, so I made a bold assumption that that was the first word. I then used the solved symbols to try to figure out the other one.

This didn’t work because the symbols that I substituted with letters in the first phrase didn’t line up with the same symbols in the second one. So I went to my next thought process, which was replacing the matching symbols in the first phrase with “E” since it is the most used letter in the English language. [sic]


He then said he matched the consecutive letters to the second phrase that he placed with double ‘L’, since those are the most commonly used consecutive letters in the English language. Andrew said that he then used the riddle of the right side of the card and the substitute letters to figure out the rest.

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Mind. Blown.

So far Andrew’s original tweet has generated almost 6,000 likes along with more than 1,000 retweets, and fellow Batman fans have commented how impressed they are with his theory.

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One person wrote, ‘Incredible code cracking ability. Bravo. Thank you for the explanation good sir.’ Someone else dubbed him the ‘world’s greatest detective’.

Game designer Mike Selinker also came to the same conclusion, saying, ‘ I could just solve it like a riddle (and did), but it’s a good opportunity to show how to solve a puzzle by brute force, so you’re sure of the answer.’

He then tweeted a thread explaining how he came to what he believes to be the answer, using the process of elimination.


While it hasn’t been confirmed if their theories are correct, surely they deserve some kind of medal if they are.

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